How to Increase your Clientele as a Stock Broker

A career as a stock broker can offer many financial rewards. Successful stock brokers can make over $100,000 a year as a starting salary even in their first years of career. To this amount come in addition bonuses that may run into six figures. However, the amount of clients is a vital factor in achieving success in this profession and earning a decent stock broker salary. For this reason, increasing your clientele should be the first priority.

There are several ways of attracting more clients as a stock broker, starting with your event liquidity and platform functionality as finishing with your professional image and good advertising. There are many things that can incite the interest of your potential client and your website design and providing quality support through live chat can be among them. A professional attitude, skills and experience can make your clients recommend you to other people who will become your future clients.

The career of a professional stock broker requires a lot of dedication. While theoretically you are not required to have any special educational
qualifications in order to start your career as a stock broker, in practice the ground reality is that a bachelor degree is a must. A college education can improve your prospects to attract clients, as with a college degree it is more likely people will perceive you as a trustworthy professional.

Going to an Ivy League university can certainly enhance your resume and impress your potential clients. A master degree in Finance or Economy or a Master in Business Administration can also help you stand out from the crowd of your competitors and give you an edge over your peers.

Some personality traits can help you increase your clientele, for example the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to sell, and the ability to explain to your clients complex concepts that are difficult to grasp. The most successful stock brokers combine the knowledge of financial markets with the communication skills, wit and charm of top salesmen.

Among the ways to build clientele as a stock broker are included:

  • the cold calls marketing in order to open new client accounts.
  • creating a list of per-qualified prospects or buying one from a marketing firm.
  • relying on your friends and relatives in order to gather more referrals.
  • participating in specific organizations such as the local chamber of commerce. This will help you increase your network of contacts.
  • targeting wealthy customers by networking at charities events

The process of increasing your clientele as a stock broker can be time consuming at first, but as you gain more experience, extend your network of contacts and become a reputable professional, the time and efforts you put in will start to be rewarding. Your business will gradually grow and the process of making new clients will become easier in time.

What Are the Benefits to Travel Insurance?

In case you are planning the trip of your lifetime, the last thing you need to think about is what can happens when you get sick or injured while traveling overseas. It is important to understand that travel insurance is never an optional extra. In simple terms, when you cannot afford a good travel insurance policy, you simply cannot afford to travel.

When you are in a foreign country, your domestic health insurance may not be able to cover your expenses at all. This is where travel insurance comes in handy. It can provide you with extra protection for yourself and your family. It is even more important when you are on your honeymoon.

When you get sick or injured while traveling overseas, a travel insurance can cover hospital and medical expenses, dental bills, emergency evacuation, and a wide range of other costs, which can easily add up quickly and dent your pocket.

It is important to understand that travel insurance can also provide you with appropriate cover in case of some unexpected unfortunate events. When there is an emergency and you cancel a flight, you might be covered.

A good travel insurance can even cover your expenses in the event that the train is delayed due to extreme weather conditions. In case your luggage is stolen or lost, or when you get robbed, you could recover some of your losses. If you want to understand travel insurance in detail, there is a great article on the rules and rights on travel insurance at

Key Benefits of Travel Insurance

Besides the general benefits, a lot of travel insurance providers offer many different benefits, such as telephone assistance worldwide. Most of the time, it is available throughout the day. When there is an emergency or you are stuck in a difficult situation, you can use the assistance to resolve the problem.

In addition to this, travel insurance service providers can also help you rebook a flight you missed, provide assistance to replace a lost passport, help you locate the nearest pharmacy and more. Most insurance service providers are always willing to help.

According to statistics, the chances of a theft, accident or some other unfortunate event while traveling are way more than when you are in the local area. Even when you take all the necessary precautions, such as staying alert, dress conservatively or wear a money belt, disasters can happen. Thus, a travel insurance is important to keep you covered.

Before you choose a service provider, it is important to conduct a good research to make an informed choice. You should hire a service provider who offers extensive travel insurance at an affordable price. These days, you can look for a travel insurance service provider online.

How to Create an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and largest social networks for professionals. It can be one of the best resources for hiring an employee, finding a job, social networking, staying updated with industry trends, gathering sales leads, participating in conversations and more. However, most people are unable to make the most of their LinkedIn profiles. Here are some tips to help you make the most of LinkedIn.

Fill the Page with Important Details

An incomplete LinkedIn profile does not give a positive impression. Thus, you need to carefully fill all the sections. You should put the important details about your business on top. This way, people will not miss them. You need to explain everything about your company to prospective customers. You should also fill the Products and Services section of the page. Here are some easy tips over at

Highlight Your Experience and Expertise

An excellent way to connect with people is by simply positioning yourself as an experienced and expert authority in the industry. A lot of people would seek your professional advice. This can help build some strong relationships. You can post some articles you have written related to your industry and business. You should also share your white papers and work samples in the Pages section. It is also important to mention any awards or honors you have received. You may also get recommendations and endorsements.

Call to Action

In the summary section of your profile, you should write a concise and straightforward call to action. It should explain what desired action you want people to take. For instance, you may ask them to call a specific number or subscribe to a newsletter. You need to make it clear for visitors.

Always Upload a Photo

If your LinkedIn profile includes a photo, it is likely to be viewed more than the ones that do not have a photo. You can share photos of your products, office, exhibitions and more. You should always make these photos look professional. Personal photos should not be uploaded on Instagram or Facebook.

Optimize the Profile for Search

Last but not the least, it is important to optimize your profile page for search engines. Millions of people are searching LinkedIn network to seek prospective employees and employers. Therefore, your profile should be easily accessible. People should be able to find your profile easily. In order to generate more traffic to your profile, you should include some relevant keywords to optimize the page. These keywords would be used by visitors to seek businesses in your industry.

What is The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is one of the many enactments favorable to members of the labor sector and their families. It recognizes the difficult situation which may arise in an employees life due to uncontrollable situations in the business sector which include job loss and job changes. Any member of the working group and even enterprises necessarily has to understand the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA in cases where unlikely business situations occur.

What is The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act?

Significantly, the law grants among workers who lose their health benefits a right to continue with their group health insurance coverage after their employment has been terminated or after they leave employment. Such termination may be voluntary or involuntary and applies in cases of reduction in an employees working hours and transition periods after a difficult situation in life such as death. This right extends to the members of the family or beneficiaries of the health insurance program of the employee.

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act also has provisions on length of coverage. In most cases, coverage extends for a period of 18 months. In special circumstances, however, like disability and death, the extension is up to 29 months and 36 months, respectively.

Under COBRA, the employers are not required to pay for the continued coverage of their employees. The employee and his family are to shoulder the expenses and pay for the full cost of coverage for continued benefit.

There are, however, instances where an employee and his family may not be allowed to continue coverage. These situations include bankruptcy of the employer or when he goes out of business due to inevitable circumstances or when the employee himself terminates the employment together with the coverage. In such case, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act shall not apply.

In some states, however, certain laws were formulated to govern for continued coverage when the COBRA law is not applicable. But not all states have these laws.

In order to continue with the coverage, the employee or his family must choose the same plan to which they are covered during the employment. In this way, the employee and his family will be entitled to the same benefits and services before. Same rules and policies will also be applicable during the term of extended coverage.

The employee and his family may lose coverage when they fail to pay dues on time. As a rule, the employers are required to inform the employees of the loss of coverage if such arises.

Tips for Saving Money This Holiday Season

Holiday season is already here. Aside from being the jolliest season of the year, it also proves to be the most expensive time every year.

During this season, we give gifts to our family, friends, loved ones and workmates. We also indulge ourselves with the most sumptuous food available. Many of us are also drawn to holiday sale here and there. We do all these things because it has become a tradition to be merry on Christmas Day and New Year.

But before we drain our savings account, let us stop for a minute and ask ourselves, How to keep from going broke this holiday season?

Here are the most practical tips that we can consider:

Make a List of the People whom You will Give Gifts to

As early as September, make a list of the people whom you would give gifts to and the gifts that you would give them. In your record, write the amount that you will spend for each gift and compute. If you feel that you have gone beyond your budget, think of a substitute gift. Personalized gifts are still the best if you do not really have enough money to buy expensive gifts.

You can limit your gift-giving chore to your immediate family and close friends. A simple greeting to your relatives and other friends will be appreciated too.

Do Not Shop Excessively

This may sound tough, but it should always be taken into consideration. Every holiday season, clearance sale is everywhere and you cannot really help yourself but to buy all the items that you love.

Here is a tip: set an exact budget that you can just spend on shopping. Make sure that your savings account will not be emptied out.

Make a List of Your Menu for the Holiday Season

Ahead of time, you should already decide which foods to serve on your feast table in the upcoming Christmas and New Years Eve. This will help you decide if the menu you prefer fits your budget or not.

It is a bad decision to just start preparing menu on the day itself because you would not have the time to plan your menu. You can search substitute recipes online that are cheaper but similarly special and tasty.

There are indeed a lot of ways by which you can avoid being broke this holiday season. All it takes is a little planning and self control. Happy Holidays!

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